Singapore Experience

Singapore Experience

Casey Salon

I wanted the salon to reflect a fashionable yet warm lifestyle ambiance with high European standards

– Casey Chua

In 1982, Casey returned to Singapore and launched Casey Salon, introducing the feel of British trends and Parisian chic, at The Intercontinental Pavilion Hotel (now The Regent). This was much welcomed by the discerning diverse Asian and Caucasian customers in Singapore and around the region. A rare concept for Singapore at that time, word spread and the salon immediately became an overnight success.

...there was a large American community in Singapore, many of whom were my friends; each and every one of them spoke very highly of Casey

-Karen Ellinor


Having mastered the techniques in Europe, Casey was one of the earliest to introduce precision cutting and the proper approach to hair coloring in Singapore. He soon made a name for himself as the go-to-guru for color jobs gone wrong and blonde hair.

It was déjà vu for Casey, during a time when Singapore attracted foreign investments, bringing to the country the same Caucasian expatriate communities whom he had catered to when stationed in London. Casey’s clientele now includes Singaporeans, Americans, Australians, Russians, Austrians, and Canadians amongst others. Soon customers with curly, frizzy and unmanageable hair started to come in too hoping that Casey would be able to help them.

When we first started I remember a customer from Sweden, who came in with her hair color job gone wrong, was so impressed with the corrective blond techniques applied, said it surpassed the skills in Europe and she eventually referred more than 20 friends to us

-Casey Chua