Customers’ Stories

Customers’ Stories

some customers sharing their Casey Experiences …

I had a dreadful color and a perm that was so outdated from another salon that I was honestly thinking I was going to continue looking like a golden monkey for sometime. Due to my prior horrible experiences at other salons I was skeptical when a friend suggest to go to Casey’s but I am

- Meeta Ishwarlal

When I moved to Singapore I had a couple of bad experiences at some hair salons (expensive ones!) so I decided to wait till I travelled back to Europe to cut my hair. Definitely safer even if not ideal. Then I came across Casey on a blog and decided to visit his salon given the

- Adriana V

On arrival here in Singapore, over 15 years ago, I was lucky enough to find out about Casey’s salon through a long-standing customer of Casey My two, now grown-up children, my husband and myself all attend the Salon regularly for Casey and his team to “work their magic. Two of us have thick, wavy blonde

- Suzanne B

Actually it was my husband who introduced me to Casey, since then I have my hair cut only by Casey, no one else. He is the best and knows exactly what suits me. I fly to Singapore each time I need a hair cut

- Lindra Hadinoto

I travelled and lived in different parts of the world and have tried various hairstylists over the years. After going to Casey since the 1980s, I can confidently say there is no one like him. Firstly, he has attended to numerous rescue and recovery emergency sessions on me, when other hairdressers in other countries where

- Monica G

I have been a customer at Casey’s for over 4.5 years after trying several different salons in Singapore. Casey and his team not only have the excellent skills at coloring and styling but are always on top of the latest innovative treatments as well. They continue to provide a warm experience that makes me want

- Donna Kitsos

I moved to Singapore 7 years ago from Italy and carefully tried to find a hairstylist that could satisfy my picky choices in hair color. In other words, I was hoping to find someone that could replicate the impeccable service I was used to back home. After several disastrous attempts to highlight my hair at

- Valentina Biavati

I had to tell my hairstylist in Switzerland, that his hair is blonde and my hair is blonde. Why is it that Casey, a stylist with black hair in Singapore, is the only one can do the perfect blonde for me? I fly in to Singapore just to get the perfect blonde. Casey is simply

- Parsilla Siber

I would love to sing Casey’s praises loudly and publicly Casey came to my attention many years ago when he was a very generous sponsor for an event in which I was involved. When looking for a new hairdresser, I decided to try the business which had been so supportive of our fund-raising, and so

- Jacqui Nursey

I’ve been coming to Casey since I was In my teens. Over the last 20years, I’ve tried 2 other salons who were also well known and after 1 visit each, I stopped. It was just different. Casey always gets it, is never loud, never ostentatious and always appropriate. Every time I walk out of the

- Sharon Tan

When I first arrived in Singapore, I was very concern about getting my hair done as I have heard many nightmare stories from ladies who end up in tears after having their hair damaged in the salons here. Well guess what, I ended up being one of them. I was so terrified I only get

- Valeria Kulakova

I have been truly blessed to have Casey cut, color and style my hair for 25 years. I first got to know Casey when he styled my hair for my wedding. I remembered that, after looking at several well-established hair stylists at the time, he was the only who put me immediately at ease, knew

- Ki Jin Kim

I have always been obsessed with my hair, and I started having my hair cut by Casey because I had heard that he was the best hairdresser in town. If my memory serves me right, I have been going to Casey Salon probably from the first year of its opening, so we go back a

- Leng Bogensperger

The expertise and customer service at Casey’s salon make for a wonderful experience. Casey and his team have cut and color my hair along with my family and friends. The team is very versatile and reliable – I know I can always recommend Casey’s salon. Not only are they experts in hair, but they are

- Sarah H

I am grateful I discovered Casey through recommendations, after a few rather frustrating experiences with other salons, who just did not have the expertise and competence. I have great healthy hair, yet it has a mind of it’s own, especially in humid weather like in Singapore, and a rather boring color. No matter what one’s

- Maria Amerstorfer

Casey is the best hairstylist in Singapore, hands down. I’m really fussy and paranoid about who does my hair, and I’ve tried several of the self-proclaimed top stylists in Singapore in earlier years. I got really fed up with their egos, subpar hair skills, and pretentious conversations What I love about Casey: his superb hair

- Ovidia Lim – Rajaram

Casey is an amazing stylist, never lacking for ideas when I’m looking for a change, and I trust him completely to give me the best advice about styles that will suit me. I always look forward to getting my hair cut knowing that I will come out of the salon looking much better than when

- Annette Brinch Jensen

Casey is a fantastic hair stylist and colorist and instinctively knows what style and color suits my naturally, curly hair. Casey and his staff are welcoming and friendly; a real delight. I was recommended to visit Casey by a close friend and can honestly say that Casey is a great find.

- Erika Chesnaye

Casey rescued my hair after a highlighting disaster at another Salon and I have stuck to him ever since! Yet to meet another Stylist in Singapore who understands all kinds of hair textures and knows exactly what to do to make it look nice! I completely trust him to do the right thing and always

- Divya Gowda

When I arrived in Singapore 7 years ago, I was happy my friend recommended me an excellent stylist/hairdresser…. Casey!! My previous experience in Singapore (20 Years ago) was pretty “interesting” so I was relieved after my very first appointment when I realize that the cut and the color were stunning. At the time, I had

- Valerie Bordier

Arriving in Singapore in 1989, I ‘discovered’ Casey after a horrendous hair cut and color job at another salon At the time there was a large American community in Singapore, many of whom were my friends; each and every one of them spoke very highly of Casey. I’ve always been very fussy about my hair

- Karen Ellinor

One of the hardest aspects of moving to a new country is finding just the right person who understands your personal hair. On the theory that someone with marvelous color and style is the best source of advice, I searched and found Bev, who rightly said there was only one place to go, Casey’s. That

- Judith Fergin

I have been a customer of Casey since I was in my late teens and well into my adult life. He is the best hair stylist in Singapore and has grown from being my stylist to a close friend. He is one of the most kind, caring and generous people I know. Casey is a

- Sudesh Pathmarajah

Finding a stylist that can care for Caucasian blonde hair in Asia can be challenging, but the moment I stepped foot in Singapore I heard about Casey’s salon and haven’t looked back Cut, Color and Keratin – my hair has never looked better despite the high humidity all year long Inside the salon is a

- Jennifer Shacklett

I have been a client at Casey’s for over 10 years and I am always pleased to come with the confidence that I will always leave the salon feeling refreshed at every visit The team at Casey’s has given me the very best hair experience from how I am greeted, to how my hair is

- Suzanna O’Donnell

I am glad I was introduced to the Premium Scalp and Hair Care. Only now do I notice my hair is still full and looks so healthy, when compared to my friends, even after years of chemical and technical jobs

- Lilian Arriola

Having a good hairdresser is like having a trusted friend who knows what is best for you. I am very lucky to have Casey as my trusted friend in the last 15 years. I remember the challenging times for my hair when I was away in Shanghai for four years from 2003 to 2007. During

- Gwendel Tung

I’m very careful with my hair and been to several salons in Singapore. My hair is curly and when I moved to Singapore, I was shocked when the humidity made my hair out of control. I did a rebond at a salon and almost loss my hair. When I found Casey, he suggested the Keratine

- Marina Stabner

Each year Casey looks younger than he did the year before. If you let him do your hair, this could happen to you

- Patrick Doherty

I’m very satisfied with how Casey has treated my hair for the past 20 years. I love the AirWave perm Japanese technology. It’s gentle, keep my hair moist, looking natural, with great volume effects.

- Irene Lim

Sometimes small changes can make you feel better. When I met Casey some years ago, I thought I should only have short hair, as they are curly and thick. I trusted Casey, I let my hair grow and I tried the keratine treatment. Now I have long and straight hair and I like the result

- Marina

I was a foreign student residing in Singapore when I was first introduced to Casey Salon. Casey was my first hair stylist I go to in Singapore and I love his work so much that he remained my hair stylist till today. I got married later on and moved to the US. I moved back

- Rosma

Casey has been my hairstylist for as long as I’ve known him, a good 30 years. Over this period we’ve become firm friends and I’ve never considered going to anyone else for my hairdressing needs. I’ve often joked that as with my doctor and Dentist, a great hairstylist ranks right up there amongst them! With

- Ronald

There are people who come into your life that change you, redefine you, help you see differently. The day I set out to my first cut with Casey a decade ago, I have never allowed anyone else to be my hairdresser. As a vocal coach in Asia, training celebrities and artistes, I strive to look

- Daniel Singh

After moving to Singapore, I tried a couple of different Hair Salons based on the recommendations from the internet, but I was not happy with any of them. I have thick, wavy, frizzy hair and I couldn’t even manage to get a decent blow dry. Finally, a friend recommended Casey, although I was a bit

- Sibel Ascioglu

Casey is an expert in his field. When I first arrived in Singapore I got recommended to them from a friend who was also a blonde Caucasian. I am extremely confident with the color and style that they suggest and always leave the salon with my hair looking amazing

- Maggs Thompsett

As a fashion stylist in the 80s, I had the privilege of working with Casey on most of my photo shoots. He is an amazing stylist as he understands hair, the way it falls n best ways to frame the face and best looks to go with your outfits. Casey understands proportions of hair n

- G

I was introduced to Casey Salon by a friend. When I arrived, I was consulted by Casey himself. He did an excellent job, knowing what I wanted, understood my concerns, especially about my hairline, how fine it is and how blonde I like it. I have had bad experiences with other salons of not listening

- Lisa Davern

I have known of Casey for a long time as my good friends frequent the salon but I only visited the salon last year for the very first time. I appreciated how Casey took the time to understand me and my hair regime and provided consultation for care and styling based on that. I leave

- Siok

I have lived in Singapore for 15 years and Casey’s Hair Salon has been hairdresser for most of that time. I am so pleased I found Casey’s (after many disastrous trips to other salons) as they have been able to color my blonde hair and tame my thick, frizzy hair successfully. The staffs are just

- Melissah O’Connell

The state of my hair dictates my mood and even after a game of tennis, I am teased as ‘good hair Gwen’. In my books, that is more uplifting and affordable than therapy and surgery to look and feel good at the start of each day. Casey has been my not-so-secret weapon of choice since

- Gwen Tan-Sproule, Singapore bred
Dubai based

I was introduced to Casey 10 years ago by Daniel, my Friend, after expressing my interest of a refreshing look. Being particular of how I looked in my hairstyles, I had been switching hairstylists one after another; being unsatisfied with the styles each time. My first haircut with Casey left me very impressed. I never

- Eunice Tay

I was sent to Casey on recommendation after my brunette hair had slowly started to turn more red with each visit to salons in Singapore. Since then Casey has either done my hair himself or personally taken the time to oversee it with one of his Stylists. I knew I’d hit the hair jackpot when

- Laura Scriven-Young

I have grown up with Casey – from a young, insecure girl just turning twenty to a mature, confident woman in my fifties. Casey has seen me through many milestones in my life, including my wedding and my graduation, always making sure that I look my best for the occasion. Casey has a wonderful way

- Carolyn Koh (Dr)
Singaporean and Casey fan

I have naturally wavy hair that is wavier at the back and straighter in front. For years, the hairstylists I went to just could not cut my hair in a way that I was satisfied with. My hair always looked frizzy and unruly, until I had my first haircut with Casey seven years ago. Ever

- Faith Teo

I have been in Singapore for 8 years now and have never really been happy with my hair as I realized it is difficult to find someone who understands my needs. So I was very pleased when my friend Monica, who’s cut and highlights I admired, advised me to go to her hairdresser. And that’s how I met

- Evelyne P

Having curly hair, finding the right salon to tame the frizziness was extremely challenging. I had tried a multitude of treatments such as rebonding, steam bonding and Keratine at various hair salons in Singapore but was never satisfied. My nightmare soon disappeared once I was introduced to Casey. Upon my first Keratine Treatment at Casey

- Alessia T