Daniel Singh

There are people who come into your life that change you, redefine you, help you see differently. The day I set out to my first cut with Casey a decade ago, I have never allowed anyone else to be my hairdresser.

As a vocal coach in Asia, training celebrities and artistes, I strive to look my best and having a cut that suits me is vital to looking good and feeling great. However as someone with thinning hair, it was natural for me to want to cut and style my hair to make it look fuller. Casey changed that perception.

He listened very patiently to understand what I do, my concerns, my desired look, my lifestyle and also knew I was not one to accept drastic change. When he started on me, he took his time and worked his way towards what he had in mind. Though I felt unsure at times seeing him cut and style my hair shorter, he kept snipping at it with each visit, assuring me all the time.

He presented the simple truth, that even many Hollywood celebrities have thinning hair and choose to embrace it rather than hide it! He chose to accentuate my facial features with a cut that would bring balance and sharpness in my look. And it works!

Casey is amazing.. he made me look better and feel great. Casey is more than the best hairstylist in Singapore. He has given a confidence that is priceless.

I have recommend close friends to him. Every one of them has nothing but praise for him.

Not only are his team of stylists very professional and friendly, his front line personnel makes me feel at home, arranged my appointments with reminders and also take care of my friends very well.