Customers with Blonde hair say Casey is an amazing find. Here not only he earned their trust completely, they say he is the only one that gets it just right. There are good reasons for this as he explained :

When it comes to blonde hair and come to think of it, it does engage me in a complexity of my senses. This include understanding each customer, having an eye for differentiating the different blonde tones, working with the best color product, and carefully formulating the color, amongst other considerations. It is balancing between science, intuition and artistry

- Casey Chua

Service Technical SpecialistSenior Leading StylistCreative Style Director
Full Head Color150minfrom $155from $175from $275
Roots Re-touch, max 3”120minfrom $135from $155from $220
½ head or crown
excl shampoo & style
90minfrom $115from $135-
T-zone, max 1”
excl shampoo & style
60minfrom $95from $115-
Color Gloss
excl shampoo & style
60minfrom $50from $50-
Foil Hi-Lites
Full Foil Hi-lites150min-from $225from $370
½ Head Foil Hi-Lites120min-from $170from $275
Personalize Foil Hi-Lites
excl shampoo & style
120min-from $125from $200

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