Valeria Kulakova

When I first arrived in Singapore, I was very concern about getting my hair done as I have heard many nightmare stories from ladies who end up in tears after having their hair damaged in the salons here. Well guess what, I ended up being one of them. I was so terrified I only get my hair done once or twice a year when I make a trip back to Moscow.

I have a habit and love changing my hairstyle just to have a different look to feel fresh and new. Well one day my thinking got the better of me, so I googled expat forums on the best salon for hair rescue and recovery. Guess what Casey Salon came up and there was no looking back since.

First I must say Casey consultation is magical. He took the time to listen to understand me, and then he was very patient while I show him images of the looks I like, my wishes and dreams amidst my messy poor English on what I want to see on my head. To my amazement he gently explained to me what is best and I agreed. The result was beyond my expectation. I had such a gentle Balayage, shiny and soft, my ringlets looked sun-kissed and lovely – exactly as I was visualizing it. My natural-base hair color is pretty difficult to lighten without damaging them but Casey managed to give me a very sun-kissed Balayage highlight without any damage, which is equal to magic to me.

I must admit that I was feeling nervous when I first walked in Casey Salon and from his magical consultation, his suggestions, his knowledge, his expertise, his gentle and irresistible charm, progressively I felt comfortable, then confident and eventually my mood was raised in an instant to one of joy and happiness. I walked out feeling the happiest, totally refreshed and like a whole new woman.

Casey has a team who are professional, friendly and helpful, making each visit of mine a little happy getaway. Now I have a different concern when I am back to Moscow, I will be thinking of going back to Singapore to do my hair.