I was a foreign student residing in Singapore when I was first introduced to Casey Salon. Casey was my first hair stylist I go to in Singapore and I love his work so much that he remained my hair stylist till today.

I got married later on and moved to the US. I moved back to Jakarta after that and tried many top hair stylist there. Somehow all of them could not measure up to the standard that I was used to when Casey was my hair stylist. After that I fly to Singapore each time I need to do my hair.

What I love about Casey is his amazing haircut. He keeps it simple and maintaining my personal style. The hair cut can last for months yet keeping its shape. Casey introduced products and coached me on maintaining my scalp and hair. I only realized how good it was when in Jakarta a French lady dealing in luxurious hair product plucked my hair for testing. To my astonishment she says she has yet to come across a hair so healthy as mine. I permed hair very regularly for years and I never expected to hear of such happy news.

Casey also permed my hair with a result that is second to none when he introduced me to a brand new Japanese technology Air Wave perm, leaving my hair texture soft and curl naturally, without the harshness of chemicals of the traditional perm.

Casey is the best hair stylist and I told him you must keep yourself fit and healthy, so that we can grow old together. He looks 18.