Monica G

I travelled and lived in different parts of the world and have tried various hairstylists over the years. After going to Casey since the 1980s, I can confidently say there is no one like him.

Firstly, he has attended to numerous rescue and recovery emergency sessions on me, when other hairdressers in other countries where we lived, flexed their dubious scissor skills on my head and made me cry.

Next, the most notable thing about Casey is his insightful consultation – especially when you are trying for a radical change and have illusions of Hollywood hair on your own head, without understanding how many hours it took to get the effect. While other hair gurus may worsen your delusions, Casey quietly, and expertly guides you towards a cut and style that works best for you and your lifestyle. With his expert skills and artistry, and a clear grasp of my own inexpert techniques with hairstyling tools and high tech hair products, he always gives me a wearable style which I love, and is easy to manage. I am too busy for high maintenance tai-tai hair, but under crafty hands and with his impeccable taste, I still enjoy tai tai hair results

There is no one else I trust with color and highlights except Casey, here he is the master. I love it and he gets it just right. This is true for both Asian and Caucasian skin tones and eye color. He has a special knack for not turning fair women like me into anaemic K-popster wannabes with scary yellow tints, or Donald Trump mustard blonde for anyone yearning for blonde hair.

I am immensely grateful to Casey’s loyal staff who treated me with such kindness, gentleness and care during my recuperation after major surgery, when even a hair wash was painful

That was when I simply trusted the Boy Wonder to chop off all my long hair into a hassle free, fabulous crop. He didn’t just cut hair, he took me out of my comfort zone with (for me) a daring length and bold color. It felt like 10 years rolled off immediately. I love the new cut, which still undergoes tweaking to keep it fresh. People stop me on the street to say – “Love the hair!

When you feel so great, after feeling so rotten, that is magic. Thank you Casey, and the wonderful staff at the salon, for many years of hair adventures (and free flow Hello! magazine).

P.S. Casey used to look 12. Now he looks 18