Jacqui Nursey

I would love to sing Casey’s praises loudly and publicly

Casey came to my attention many years ago when he was a very generous sponsor for an event in which I was involved. When looking for a new hairdresser, I decided to try the business which had been so supportive of our fund-raising, and so this led to me finding Casey, a hairdresser with immeasurable talent

I would say that not only do I have Caucasian hair, but I have a particularly challenging type of hair – going wavy when I want it to be straight and smooth but at the same time, not keeping its style for very long when it has been blow dried into shape. Well that’s what I used to think…. My criticism of my hair has diminished completely since meeting Casey and having him cut and style my hair – he makes my hair look wonderful every time and because the cut is so good, the style lasts and still looks excellent between visits

I guess the best accolade is one from Casey’s peer group and I have received compliments from friends and relations overseas who are also hairdressers, on how good the cut of my hair is

As I have gotten older in years, the second challenge that I have given to Casey is to keep me looking younger, longer. The quality of color treatment that I have from Casey is measured not just in the color but quality – even though my hair has to be colored frequently the texture of my hair has not changed at all; there is no damage, it does not feel dry or brittle at all – it feels like untreated, natural hair and the color is also very natural allowing me to avoid adding years to my age!

Casey has also cut and styled my daughter’s hair for many years, and her hair is very different to mine – very long, straight locks and he has given her numerous “air”-cuts and also given her keratin treatments and highlights

Casey has also styled my daughter’s long and heavy hair into beautiful and formal styles for at least two occasions, so much so that we booked appointments with him almost a year in advance to be sure that he would be available. She now lives overseas but comes back to see Casey each time she returns home for her regular trims and treatments. Casey can work with any type of hair and you leave his salon feeling wonderful!

Not only is Casey an amazing hair stylist with so many talents on cutting, coloring, treating and styling hair but he is one of the kindest and most generous people I know and I am so glad that I found out about his business all those years ago. Now not only do I have such a talented and gifted hairdresser but one that I consider a real friend and treasure