Gwen Tan-Sproule, Singapore bred

The state of my hair dictates my mood and even after a game of tennis, I am teased as ‘good hair Gwen’. In my books, that is more uplifting and affordable than therapy and surgery to look and feel good at the start of each day.

Casey has been my not-so-secret weapon of choice since he started in 1982. Casey’s Salon is home to me and family, as much as Singapore is. I’ve been living in Dubai since 2006 but he is always amongst the first people I see when I’m back, and the first contact I recommend to anyone moving to Singapore. His ability to handle and treat different hair types never lets clients down.

His professional skills aside, from his technical knowledge in cut, color, treatment and keen eye for proportion and aesthetic, it is his personal care and touch that makes the difference. Providing our favorite snacks, dispensing traditional remedies for ailments and recommending restaurants during each visit, the sense of being pampered and greeted as an individual speaks volume to the culture of the salon and of Casey as a person.

I’m a life-long fan and that sentiment is similarly echoed by the next generation in our family spanning from 16-32yrs old in various corners of the globe. Casey is home in a global environment!