As a fashion stylist in the 80s, I had the privilege of working with Casey on most of my photo shoots. He is an amazing stylist as he understands hair, the way it falls n best ways to frame the face and best looks to go with your outfits. Casey understands proportions of hair n the way it goes on one and the clothes. We had fun and never a hair out of place in any of the pictorials. As my hair stylist, I never have to tell him what to do. I simply trust him to give me the best cut. I guess being in the fashion industry, I am also game to sport the latest cut that will suit me, my daily activities and dressing. Casey has never fail me & I simply trust him to give me the best crop. I never ask Nor state what style I want. I just trust Casey. And, I get compliments all the time, around the world from colleagues, fashion designers, people on streets all the time about my hair. Casey has this amazing knack of cutting n even in between cuts my hair looks amazing. I would proudly say I am one of his earliest customers from his salon in Regent Hotel to now – a good 30 over years. Thank you Casey & congratulations on your new move.