Carolyn Koh (Dr)

I have grown up with Casey – from a young, insecure girl just turning twenty to a mature, confident woman in my fifties. Casey has seen me through many milestones in my life, including my wedding and my graduation, always making sure that I look my best for the occasion. Casey has a wonderful way about him. He is professional and serious as he goes about his work but is also kind, gentle and caring. He is very humble and makes everyone, regardless of who you are, feel comfortable at his salon. Casey patiently listens to all my “hair fantasies” – sometimes unrealistic ones, especially in my younger days – then miraculously translates them into reality. Every time I leave his salon, I have an extra bounce in my stride because he makes me look and feel so good. What I appreciate most about Casey’s skills is his ability to style my hair in such a way that it looks great all the time without too much fuss and constant visits to the salon. Casey is extremely talented – a true genius with a magic pair of scissors! I love every experience that I have had at his salon and have made many fond memories there.