European Foundation

Europe Foundation

My proudest moment was when I attained distinctions in all aspects of the field and eventually specializing in Precision Cutting and Chemistry of Color

-Casey Chua

Casey left for Europe at the age of 18 and spent 2 years learning from some of the best people and institution in the business, from basic foundation to creative coloring, trend cutting techniques to the full spectrum of the hairdressing field. Based in central London, his learning also took him to Germany and Paris where he attended the advanced chemistry of color courses. He was also exposed to the elegance of the French Chignon, Marcel Wave and French Razor cutting.

…an excellent stylist… Casey… the cut and color were stunning.

- Valerie Bordier

Morris School of Hairdressing London
The full spectrum of the hairdressing field including business management at a school helmed by the legendary principal/founder Mr Alfred Morris.

Vidal Sassoon London
Create wearable looks for the modern women through precision cuts that last, in an institute started by world-renowned architect of haircuts Mr Vidal Sassoon.

Alan International & Robert Fielding Hairdressing London
Intensive Creative Coloring & Trend Cutting Techniques and also grasped the importance of keeping on the cutting edge of trends and breaking the rules.

During one of my internship I made a mistake on a color job. I was very upset and this made me think long and hard. I told myself if I were to continue in this trade I must be the best for my customer and not repeat this again. I then went on to learned advance and intensive coloring from Wella Darmstadt Germany and L’Oreal Paris, where I got the best training to specialize in the Chemistry of Color

- Casey Chua

Wella London
Chemistry of Colors

L’Oreal London
Chemistry of Colors

Wella Institute of Hairdressing Darmstadt Germany
Intensive Chemistry of Colors

L’Oreal Training Institute Paris
Advanced Chemistry of Colors

Alexandra De Paris
Trainings and workshops in French luxury hairdressing where he was exposed to the elegance of the French chignon, Marcel wave and French Razor cutting.

Casey is a fantastic hair stylist and colorist …”

Erika Chesnaye