Our Salon

Our Salon

Since the opening of the first salon concept in 1982, it has become synonymous with Casey Salon to always be keeping ahead of times and evolving to bring the latest and most current in lifestyle trends and concepts for our customers.

In December 2017 and celebrating 35 years in business, we have again developed and launch our latest lifestyle salon concept. This time we moved away from the structured and formal. The presentation of the brass-wrapped front desk offers a stunning entry, softened by the natural oak wooden flooring in fish-bone inspiration. The 2 low-hanging chandeliers add a modern twist to this classical piece. The cement rendered with brass inlaid flooring at the salon area, with the different tones of white color and linear lightings, gives it a clean, fresh upbeat studio mood that energizes. The vertical lattice-featured partition offers subtle privacy with a flow through feel.

This latest contemporary-eclectic and modern concept depicts Casey Salon of international standard. A lifestyle salon appealing to the discerning, offering a luxurious space, a dream salon to escape and relax, amidst this internet, digital and technological world we are living in today.

Welcome to Casey Salon latest, celebrating 35 years of uplifting experiences.